Hello World

Phase 4 … open the door

Hi everybody!

Welcome to Ortho-Bionomy Santa Fe! It is exciting to be stepping into this virtual world to connect. The vision is that this site provides a doorway for information about O-B classes and events here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And, as part of the blog, to have a place to post ideas and images that are inspired by Ortho-Bionomy principles.

 Phase 4 — open the door is the first line of a spontaneous rhyme that was created in an Ortho-Bionomy class with Arthur Lincoln Pauls, the Founder of Ortho-Bionomy, in the late 1980’s.  (You can read the whole thing in Pauls book, The History and Philosophy of Ortho-Bionomy ) Somehow, it seemed an appropriate title for a first post.

Ortho-Bionomy is an ever-evolving journey into understanding the natural laws of life. Whether you find your way to these pages as a beginner or with lots of O-B experience I hope you find something to help you along the way.

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